Jason Quitt 2024 Bio

.8 Jason Quitt is the author of Astral Genesis - Astrological Keys To The Gods, Egyptian Postures of Power - Mysticism | Movements | Meditations.

As well as his brand now, ground breaking book:

Gates of the Anunnaki:

Sacred Geometry Keys to the Gods


.8 His latest discoveries, some of which are detailed in Astral Genesis as well, are perhaps THE most significant findings to date, in regards to understanding the lost technology and understandings of ancient & pre-history civlizations.

.8 No joke.


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.8 Jason has been teaching and lecturing on the subjects of mysticism, out of body experiences, astral projection, meditation and Qi Gong since 2010.

.8 He has been studying various energy modalities and spiritual practices since 2002. After graduating from the Institute of Energy Wellness in 2005, Jason has continued his journey into the ancient systems of mysticism, metaphysics, wellness, and shamanism to this day.


.8 check out his website:


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