Ep. 116 - Drago Reid

Past Life Regressions


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-Drago Reid is a Past Life Regressionist, Intuitive Empath, and is a researcher in the fields of Ufology, Consciousness, the real suppressed history of the Earth, Galactic history, Extraterrestrial species and the  Anunnaki, the Military Industrial Complex, the Electric Universe, Esoteric & Occult knowledge, Quantum Physics, the Illuminati and controlling bloodlines, the study of Common/Constitutional Law, is a (SRA) Satanic Ritual Abuse and Project Monarch mind Deprogammer, studies past civilizations including Lemurian, Atlantian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, pre-Adamite, and pre-history.

He is a world traveler visiting 18 countries the last six years spreading knowledge and visiting the ancient sites to find truth.  He is also a full time tattoo artist of 17 years working in Tampa, Florida.

Due to a motorcycle accident in 2005, through brain damage, broken bones, a Near Death Experience and a re-wiring of his neurons, he developed numerous abilities including an advanced IQ, Claircognizance, and the ability to understand complicated concepts through fluid intelligence.  He has the ability to liquidly see concepts as Tesla did in his mind and how things can be built or created in their most functional, rudimentary way using the least amount of parts.  He can reverse engineer technology and tell you how to improve a product with less steps involved or create a new idea for a product that's never been utilized.  He comes from a Patent inventor family.

Drago is a Level 2 Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's (QHHT) Quantum Healing & Hypnosis Technique.  Through this technique he is able to take take the average, everyday person to the "somnambulistic" state of Trance, the deepest level of hypnosis that exists, through simple visualizations and colors. This is the part of the mind that allows the experiencer to directly visit and time travel to view multiple past lives where they experience it first hand with their own eyes, from very common Earth lives to mind blowing Extraterrestrial lives and get answers to life's hard questions like why are we here, why did I choose this life and why did everything happen the way it did. This technique also gives the ability to access higher knowledge and gives the ability to to view all your lives going all the way back to Source.  His website is Fractal Of Light .com

Instagram: Drago Reid   @Space.Caked

Facebook: Drago Reid   @DragosTat2

Email:  Drago.Reid@Gmail.com